One of the methods to access your account is with the Trade FLASH Windows PC Software. This software provides local account management, order management (place/cancel/change/review), personalized quote pages, position review, transaction review, email, and simple charting. You can build a list of transactions off-line, this includes new orders, changes to open orders, cancels, quote page managment, emails and more. When you are ready, you can dial into Freedom's computer via a toll free 800 number or local access number and have these transactions processed. At the same time, your quote pages and your account information including order history are updated. You can also choose to stay connected and review your quotes on-line as they change.

This software is available FREE of charge to Freedom Investment Customers. You may download a fully functioning copy and play with the DEMO account that is included. Once you have activated an account with Freedom Investments, you can then use this software to support your trading needs. This software complements the internet and touch tone phone access methods, but it is not required. version 1-017 1874 KB Click on the zip file to download*

*This link will download a zip file that contains the setup program used to install this software. Simply extract the setup program by running your pkunzip utility. This will extract a program called setup.exe that you then run to install the software. This software requires a PC with Windows 3.x, Win95 or Win98 and a modem.